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I recall, Central Park in fall. How you tore your dress, what a mess, I confess. That’s not all.

Those are some of the memorable lines from lady-voiced crooner, Wayne Newton’s version of Danke Schoen.
The original lyrics to this song were penned by yours truly back in 1961. The setting for the song was not Central Park, but of course Lincoln Park.
The words describe how I first met Mrs Froman, over the family sausage counter, and how I later got rather drunk in the park on some cheap sparkling wine and somewhat disgraced myself.

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Luchow's Restaurant

I don’t believe in Beatles, I just believe in me

Let me tell you a story. Back in the summer of ’69 I was on a business trip to New York, meeting with some of my sausage suppliers and Froman Inc associates. Practically everyone was talking about this place that was serving great schnitzel. Now I love good schnitzel as much as anyone, so Mrs Froman and I decided to check it out. It was called Luchow’s, I believe.
So it’s a nice old German joint, very traditional, and we’d enjoyed our appetizers, but we’re waiting a LONG time for our entrees to arrive.

While we’re waiting, this big group of arty characters come in amid a great hullabaloo and take up 2 or 3 tables. The waiting staff were really fawning over these guys, and my legendary patience was starting to wear a little thin. Then, what do I see? Only their tables getting schnitzel before we get our schnitzel. We’d been schnitzel gazumped!

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