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You can call me the king or the ruler, we’re getting 20 percent cooler

Our latest piece of market research is in folks, and it makes pretty good reading. Under my inspiring stewardship the consumer popularity of Froman Inc and our Sausage King of Chicago brand has soared from a lowly 19% in 1963 to an incredible 39% now!

Stick that sausage in your pipes and puff on it, Froman haters! Do you like sausages? How do you like them sausages?

So, all you confused folks out there who might be stealing my name, like Ferris Bueller, it’s time to wrap this up: we’re getting 20 percent cooler.

And that’s official.

square sausage

What would Scotlandshire Independence mean for square sausage exports?

This is worrisome news, folks. I’ve been contacted by a concerned client of mine, Blair McDougall. Blair is a fiercely patriotic Englandite and is mightily concerned about next year’s plebiscite on Scotlandshire LEAVING England. (Has ANYONE else heard about this?)

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