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The true story on how a humble sausage magnate got tangled up in the well-loved Hollywood movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
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Nine Times

Now, in the popular film by John Hughes, nine times is the number of unauthorized absences young Ferris Bueller has had during the school year. However, I can exclusively reveal that the real story of “Nine Times” is scandalously different to the Hollywood version.

“Nine times” was, of course, the number of times Edward Rooney had been arrested for Indecent Exposure by mid 1986. When Rooney called Ferris’ Mom at her place of work to confirm her son’s absence, it was of course Katie Bueller that raised the nine time Indecent Exposure issue, having got wind of it from a real estate client who happened to be in the Chicago Police Force. What concerned parent wouldn’t have done exactly the same in her situation?

Between a clock and a hard face, Rooney threatened to force Ferris to repeat his final year of high school (and sabotage his college applications) should Mrs Bueller reveal his lewd behavior to anyone else. Mrs Bueller, of course, refused to be blackmailed in this way. It was this, rather than any innocent ‘Day Off’ that triggered Rooney’s crazy, violent spiral into ridicule, unemployment and imprisonment.

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